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July 25, 2020 - BY Admin

How To Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing: The most effective and direct way to communicate with your customer in order to enhance revenue is to boost your Email Marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy used worldwide for sending emails to potential and current customers with keeping in mind to make them brand loyal, garner their trust, and create brand awareness in them.

Digital marketing agencies provide their great expertise that can help to grow your company by engaging a targeted audience by generating the lead.

Email Marketing Services

Role of Email Marketing in Business Growth

Email marketing is the cheapest and easiest digital marketing strategy which generates almost $20 in ROI for every single dollar spent. Email marketing also helps you in an automated synchronized email strategy. Most of all the versatility of email marketing is another big reason that marketers pursue it from simple wishes, thank you, happy birthday emails which make them feel nurtured and valued to professional emails.

Most importantly email marketing is becoming digital marketing’s most important channel for marketers.

Email marketing has transformed the way you would communicate with your clients and potential customers.

The Scope of Email Marketing

Creating a strong email marketing strategy is still the key to reach and easily connect with your targeted audience. Emails can reach the potential consumer easily rather than other social media marketing tools as people open the emails read them (or delete) them. Email marketing helps marketers to analyze the growth rate by tracking unsubscribe rates, open rates, bounce rates, etc after email campaigning. Most of all it bags you a significant ROI of about $20 in return for $1 spent.

Types of Email Campaigns:

Companies use email advertisements for digital marketing and smart marketers are in a constant search to find the most appropriate ways to build a strong relationship with the customer and generate revenue. Some of the basic email marketing types are as follow

1) Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a very nice way to keep in touch with the customer and to nurture your relationship with the customer.

2) Transactional Emails

These emails are simply invoices, bills, receipts, order confirmations, order status, etc. It is well evident that customers repeatedly open transactional emails.

3) Behavioral emails

Behavioral emails are targeted automated emails send to targeted customers based upon their interactions made with marketers on different social media platforms.

Strategies for Email Promotions:

A strong up-to-the-mark email marketing strategy is the key to success. It has vast potential if utilized fully well. Email marketing strategies evolve over time but still, some basics remain the same.

1) Personalizes email marketing

It means marketers must be well aware of the basic personal information of his customer

2) Segmentation

In segmentation, you keenly watch and list down your potential and current customers nearby your locality and then invite them to your events

3) Mobile friendly

Almost 61% of emails are opened on mobile devices so make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly.

4) Follow a schedule

Follow a set schedule of sending emails to your customer weekly or monthly in that way marketers will make them habitual of that email and they will eventually wait for the email.

5) Trigger emails

Use trigger emails or send automated email campaigns based on the behavior of users gathered from various social media platforms.

Today, only 20% of marketers use trigger emails but its revenue in return is very handsome.

6) Captivating and Customized

Expand your audience by using simple customized yet captivating emails.

Email Advertising Tools:

The key to a successful email marketing campaign lies in ensuring the proper message reaches the correct person at right time. Further, to make things easy for you we will take you through the tools that may help manage campaigns more effectively and ultimately lead you and your clients to success.

1) Effective data collection

Use lead fuze or smart sheet. Generally, It is important to understand what their brand thrives on and what kinds of problems they aim to solve for that you can release a questionnaire and ask about

  • Brand value customer problems
  • Solution the company offers
  • Buyers persona
  • The ultimate goal and email strategy
2) Evaluation of the current strategy

Use the Email audit process, because you must understand what their current marketing and email strategies are if there is one. Conduct an audit in accordance with your client’s marketing strategy.

3) Campaign planning

Use Trello for it. You need to plan your campaigns according to all possible scenarios and automate scheduled campaigns.

4) Creating email copy and designing

Use a wonder list for it and have complete understandings of the client’s design needs and if some options are left upon you then choose them wisely.

5) Right Coding

Use litmus or preview my email. Once the design is ready and approved, it has to be coded well. It should also render well on all the email clients and devices.

6) Get Deliverable Approved

Use the invasion app, because it is important to acknowledge the deliverable and finalize them before the email campaign. In fact, approval of this needs a thorough checklist.

The success of Email Advertising: 

In fact, this is the era of online businesses and their promotion plus email, social media, and other online platforms. You need to learn about online advertising techniques because it helps you generate one on one relationship with your customer. These strategies, types, and tools will surely help you improve your online advertisement experience but the key is you must keep focusing on the result and utilize the most appropriate tool effectively. More than 55 percent of marketers have observed the best ROI from email campaigns.