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December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

Why Need to Revamp Your Business Website

Perhaps you would have noticed of going business down due to your website. A survey reveals that 81% of internet users think less of a business if website not updated, and 39% would think twice about buying your product if the website is not current or user friendly. There can be some vital signs need to be seriously considered for upgrading your business website.

  • Website not responsive/mobile friendly:

In this era of mobile technology, most of the site traffic routes from mobile devices. Now Google is focusing its rankings on the mobile rather than the desktop versions of sites. Thus, it is essential to provide your customers exceptional mobile experience on your site. In case of having separate mobile site not utilizing responsive design, it will be appropriate to build a new website from scratch by using responsive approach instead of trying to mix it with mobile friendly features.

  • Lack of User-Friendly Experience:

If business web site is complex to navigate and having lack of offer engagement and meaningful contents, user will leave. A prosperous site is all about attracting your user. While small twists can increase the visitor experience on an existing site, building new website designed with user experience specialty at the head is the best solution.

  • Minor modifications are more problematic:

Making minor changes or updates to your website like adding a blog post, updating some event, or changing the product’s description, would be not complicated to complete. If your business website is built on some platform difficult to work or that requires third party, prefer to develop new website in an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

  • Uncomfortable to access Website:

A business website is the online face of any company and it will be pride to have it represented your business. In case of not having such feelings, it a clear signal to think about developing a new site.

  • Outdated Appearance:

Appearance of your site contents looks much matter. As it is significant that your website function flawlessly, it also essentials to appear fresh and modern. Generally, it should not give impression to stuck in a past digital era. There has been lot of advances in technology, so if your site is more than a bit of years old, it could probably benefit from some level of renovate.

  • Less Traffic, Leads and Conversions:

If the business website is getting a little long but still gets outcomes for your business, there is perhaps no reason to disorder with a good thing. But if you have witnessed important drop-offs in web traffic and leads, your visitors are obviously not finding what they are searching for, and you have to consider the renovation to bring them back.

It is matter of fact that you should do what is suitable rather than blindly following competitors. In case of your competitors have sites that look and work better than your site, you are going to be at a important shortcoming. If your business website is lagging behind opponents, consider an update to drive you to the front of the competition.

If your site traffic is going down, or you want to increase the number of potential customers. Here are a few things you can achieve in the interim for giving your site traffic enhancement.

  • Improve your SEO.
  • Host a webinar.
  • List it in online directories.
  • Improve your website’s mobile performance.
  • Have a high-quality blog.
  • Optimize website content for Google search.
  • Be active on social media.
  • Use visual content.
  • Join social media groups.
  • Run PPC ads.